The Hearth


The Surface

“Insane, inventive, incredible, illustrious, ingenuitive, irrevocably intelligent, irreversibly irremediably irreparably Amazing.” – Me

In all seriousness: I was born and raised in Little Rock Arkansas, where I received my high school diploma and am currently working towards a theatre degree at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock – Or UALR for short. I enjoy almost all aspects of the theatre and enjoy to learn new skills and tricks that put me above the common peasants! furthers my knowledge and growth.

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Under the Surface (Literally)

I believe our world is messed up, depressing, and all around, most of the time, not worth the time… So I spend my days with my head “In the clouds” – my teachers called it daydreaming, well, it’s not! I choose to live, write, imagine, and create in a world of my choosing – free of the weight that the world creates. I might write stories inspired by the harshness, and themes I may wish to address, but if I let the world affect my sanctuary there would be no save haven for my mind of which I could escape to. My mind is my asylum  – I even wrote a poem about it!

As long as I have my mind and a medium for which to express those thoughts, I will never be down…

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